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1D and 5/6D Reading Buddies – April 2014

Thursday 3rd April | 7 comments

1D were visited by their reading buddies from 5/6D this morning and we were able to show them the fantastic non fiction books we have written about chickens. The children all seemed very impressed! Thank you for coming to see us 5/6D!

7 responses to “1D and 5/6D Reading Buddies – April 2014”

  1. Miss Dormand says:

    Thank you 1D for such a lovely time. We were all really impressed with your non-fiction books all about chickens. What fantastic reading and writing in Year 1!

    Miss Dormand and 5/6D

  2. ellahib01 says:

    WOW it was amazing for the younger children from 1D to be reading their chickens books!!!

  3. robertg01 says:

    I really enjoyed ready the chicken books they were really interesting and exciting to look at.

  4. cd95114 says:

    I liked your chicken book

  5. choudrh02 says:

    Well done 1D it was fantastic reading your books.Say thank you to Mrs Daniels for organising such a lovely thing.

  6. lp51303 says:

    The books were absolutly exsquiset. Thak you 1D for such a fantastic time. 😀 (LOL)

  7. shelleydaniels1 says:

    Thanks 5/6D! What lovely comments!

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