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1D and their beans!

Thursday 10th April | 1 comment

On Wednesday the children visited the farm with Ms Howells. A few weeks ago we planted beans in different conditions to see whether the children’s predictions about what plants needed to grow well were correct. The children beans have all grown wonderfully – I am afraid the same can’t be said for the poor bean stuck in the cupboard with no light! If you ask your child, they may even remember what the plant needs to make it green and healthy!  As part of our new commitment in Science sessions to ‘working scientifically’, we are going to observe the beans’ growth over a much longer period of time. Ms Howells took the children to the poly tunnel and the beans have all been planted out – we are very excited to see their progress over the next few months and will hopefully get to eat them – Malik has recommended broad bean soup! I will add a few pictures to this blog entry and will keep you all updated on their progress.

The 1D team.

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  1. parkera12 says:

    Your bean are looking good
    Abigail in 56/D

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