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The last week of the Spring term in 1D.

Thursday 10th April | 1 comment

Dear Parents and Carers,
We had a lovely last week of the Spring term in 1D – its hard to believe that we only have one term left!
In Literacy the children finished their non-fiction books about chickens – these were sent home with the children on Friday and we hope you enjoyed reading them. We finished the information on ‘chicken personalities’, added a contents page and page numbers and some children worked on adding a glossary at the end. The children worked against the initial checklist they had made of what should be included in a good NF book and went through the books to make sure all these had been included. All writing has been independent and the children have worked hard to make sure their information is interesting ad informative for the reader. The children shared the books with their reading buddies from 5/6D on Thursday and with other members of the class on Friday – it was lovely to hear them being so supportive and complimentary about each others work.
In Numeracy we have consolidated our learning on number bonds, doubles, halves, lots of and sharing! the children played some fun Easter board games that tested their abilities to work out problems independently, using appropriate equipment. Again, I was really pleased with their work and how they tackled the problems.
On Thursday the children made Easter crafts with Mrs Walker and Easter nests with Miss Morgan. We left them out over night and when we looked in the morning the Easter Bunny had filled them with eggs!I have also been busy listening to all the children reading this week and am very happy with the progress they are making.
We are really pleased that Miss Morgan will be joining 1D full time after the Easter holidays. She has given up a lot of her time over the last few weeks volunteering in class in order to get to know the children better, and Mrs Walker and I are looking forward to her joining our team!
Enjoy the rest of the holidays,
Mrs Daniels.

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  1. Miss Renton (Rhys mum) says:

    Well done everyone on their chicken books. I was super impressed with Rhys facts, pictures and careful writing. Our favourite fact was how chickens like ‘weetabix’ as a treat. I’m sure all your mums and dads were also delighted with your hard work too!

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