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The first week of the Summer term in 1D

Sunday 27th April | 1 comment

Dear Parents and Carers,

It was lovely to see the children back after the holidays – they seem to have all grown again! We had a busy 4 day week and have started our new geography topic. We started on Tuesday by looking for countries and places we knew or had visited on large world maps. We wrote labels for the maps and talked about the importance of capital letters for place names. In the second session we concentrated on the United Kingdom.We then used  Google maps to look at different campsites that I had visited and looked at postcodes and addresses.Thank you to all the children and parents who brought in maps, atlases and books in and photographs to add to our ‘where in the world have you been?’ display . In ICT the children were really interested to find different places using Google Earth on the ipads. They were especially excited to find their houses!

In literacy we have written letters which the children will be posting on Monday during their walk to Farsley town street.  Look out for the letters dropping through your letter box soon! Thank you to all the volunteers that are accompanying the class on the walk. The children are going to look at the different buildings in Farsley as part of our work about our immediate locality.


In Numeracy we have been looking once again at Place Value. We have looked at the values of hundreds, tens and units in 2 and 3 digit numbers. They have also filled in missing numbers on number squares using their knowledge of place value (for example knowing that the number to the right will be 1 more or the number above will be10 less).

Finally, Mrs Walker and Miss Morgan are working hard on the new role play area. We are having a campsite in the classroom! I am sure the children will be very excited when it is finished.

Have a lovely weekend and I will see you all when I am back in the classroom on Thursday!

Mrs Daniels and the 1D team.

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