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Fun in Farsley

Monday 28th April | 10 comments

Year 1 had a wonderful walk to Farsley village today. The children used iPads to take photographs of different types of buildings. They saw a variety of homes including bungalows, semi-detached houses, terraced houses and flats. The children also looked at shops, cafes and the church.

Everyone posted a letter to their family, so watch out for something exciting landing on your doormat!

At school the children started to make models of the shops. Very soon there will be a whole parade of shops in the corridor between the two Year 1 classrooms.

Thank you to all the parents who helped on the visit. We really appreciate your support.

10 responses to “Fun in Farsley”

  1. Mrs Daniels says:

    Hello Year 1. It sounds like you had a super time on your walk in Farsley and I am sorry I missed it! I am looking forward to seeing the houses and buildings you are making when I get back on Thursday.

  2. Claire (Evie's mum) says:

    I was very excited to receive a letter, that wasn’t a bill, today and am looking forward to reading the contents with Evie when she is home!

  3. Mrs James says:

    Thank you for commenting on the Year 1 blog. Enjoy reading your letter.

  4. Chloe A-C says:

    I had a great time on the walk with 1GJ. The children behaved beautifully and made lots of interesting observations along the way. I am very excited that our letter has arrived today. We shall read it as a family at teatime.

  5. Marion (Phoebe's Mum) says:

    Thank you 1GJ for letting me join you on your walk into Farsley. My job as an Architect is to draw and design buildings so I really enjoyed looking at and talking about buildings with you. I think your models look great. (Did you know that Architects often use cardboard to make models too?).

    I am looking forward to the post arriving today…hopefully there will be something exciting for me!

    • Class 1GJ says:

      Do you enjoy being an architect? What buildings have you designed? How many have you made? Do you make anything out of plastic?

      • Marion (Phoebe's Mum) says:

        Hi 1GJ.

        Thanks for your great questions. Yes, I do enjoy being an architect. I have designed a lot of different types of buildings, including supermarkets, offices, lots of different types of houses, car showrooms and even part of a hospital.

        I have tried to think how many buildings I have been involved in designing and there are lots! Often architects don’t design brand new buildings, we might design extensions or alterations (change) part of an existing building. Sometimes we change a building, like a school, into flats for people to live in.

        Buildings can be made out of lots of different types of materials – including plastic. Plastic is often used in window frames and doors and in gutters and rainwater pipes. Sometimes plastic is even used on roofs.

        I hope you are enjoying your topic about buildings. Perhaps some of you would like to be architects too?

  6. Zoe (Ruby's mum) says:

    We received our letter a few days ago and really enjoyed reading it. The children seemed to have really enjoyed their walk to Farsley and the buildings they made look super! They have obviously worked really hard x

  7. Ellen(Rhys mum) says:

    Rhys sister Erin was really excited to see the letter in the post box. Was lovely to read what you had been doing in class and Rhys is looking forward to taking pictures of his house to share.

  8. Charlie H says:

    We have found the letter on our doormat and I have brought it back to school. It is all done. I enjoyed seeing the post office, Dominic’s mum’s cake shop and the Co-op.

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