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Maps, atlases and aerial views in Year 1

Friday 9th May | 3 comments

Today we set up the Year 1 classrooms for a geography morning! The children spent half the morning in each classroom and it was lovely to spend time in each others classrooms. In the  1GJ classroom  the children looked at aerial mapping and plans and labelled maps of our school and the surrounding area. In the 1D classroom they looked at maps of the world and the United Kingdom. They labelled different countries on the world maps and different cities and towns on the maps of the UK. Both classrooms also has atlases to look at and the children used the ipads to find lots of interesting places on Google Earth!

3 responses to “Maps, atlases and aerial views in Year 1”

  1. Claire Brennan says:

    It looks like you had a lot of fun. I certainly don’t remember geography being this exciting when I was at school!

  2. Chloe A-C says:

    Superb work. If we get lost in the woods on Thursday I am confident that 1GJ and 1D will find our way out!

  3. Sarah says:

    Heather is really enjoying her geography work – it’s her daddy’s favourite subject too so they have lots to share on an evening 🙂

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