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Be Prepared!

Tuesday 13th May | 1 comment

Later this week Year 1 will be visiting a Scout campsite to put their map reading skills into practice.

In preparation for the trip, the children worked in groups to create fantasy islands then used a key to add tracking symbols.

I was very impressed with how the children worked as a team and shared. Especially since ‘I can share’ and ‘I can work as part of a team’ are two of this term’s ethos statements. The children were also very imaginative – the maps will give them lots of good ideas for their pirate stories later this week.

The Scout Motto is ‘Be Prepared’ and by the look of these maps 1GJ are!


One response to “Be Prepared!”

  1. Zoe (Ruby's mum) says:

    Well done 1GJ your fantasy islands look great with lots of interesting places to explore! It is lovely that you worked together as a team…enjoy your trip on Thursday and I cant wait to read the pirate stories. 🙂

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