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Year 1 trip to Blackhills.

Thursday 15th May | 17 comments

We have had a wonderful day at Blackhills Scout camp. The weather was good – not too hot or too cold and there was not a drop of rain!
The children were very excited to find we were to be driven to the campsite in a brand new coach – very luxurious. We met with Mrs James at the campsite and after drink of milk and a biscuit, we were split into three groups. Over the course of the day the children took part in three different activities.
Mrs. James led a tracking exercise. The children used their knowledge of track making from school the previous day to make tracks for the other children to follow. They used found materials from the woods such as stones, twigs and leaves.
Mrs. Galbraith led string trails and den making. The children took it in turns to work with a partner who was blindfolded. Their partner then had to guide them around a string trail that went under, over and through the trees! The group also made some fantastic dens for different mini beasts.
Mrs. Daniels led a map and compass exercise. The children had to follow the map to find parts of a clue which would let them know where to find the treasure. There was a big surprise for the red group when they got to the treasure as Mrs. Daniels saw a very naughty squirrel running up the tree with the red group’s bag of chocolate coins in its mouth!
We all had a brilliant day and the children were really well behaved and a BIG thank you to all the parents who came with us.
The Year 1 team.

17 responses to “Year 1 trip to Blackhills.”

  1. Chloe A-C says:

    What fantastic pictures of the day. I was very impressed by your map reading skills, amazed by your trail-making and following abilities, and wowed by your excellent teamwork when blindfolded.

    Thank you Year 1’s for sharing the experience with me, and to your teachers for all their hard work.

    I wonder if the squirrel has a tummy ache?

  2. Zoe (Ruby's mum) says:

    Looks like you all had a fabulous time and well done for doing so well with all the activities.

    Ruby told me all about the coach and was very impressed that it had a television and a toilet!

    I hope I can come along on your next school trip 🙂

  3. shelleydaniels1 says:

    I hope he did too! We have one final trip Zoe, a fantastic day at Skipton Castle – hope you can come along!

  4. Nahed (Umayyahs mum) says:

    The pictures show you’ve had great fun year one. Sounds like it’s been a busy day learning whilst enjoying yourselves. Umayyah mentioned a squirrel running away with some treasure and also told me what nocturnal animals are. Great stuff 😉

  5. Vikki (Paiges mum) says:

    Wow – looks like you had a really great trip despite the choclate pinching squirrels.

    Paige really enjoyed making dens and following the trails

  6. Nicole (Katie's Mum) says:

    It was a great trip – despite the naughty squirrel!

    Katie really enjoyed making the dens for the mini-beasts and it was great seeing their imaginations running riot as they designed all manner of mansions and penthouses. We were hoping that some real bugs might move in after we left the woods…

  7. Class 1GJ says:

    Thank you for all your great comments. We all really enjoyed our trip to the woods.

  8. Ellen(Rhys mum) says:

    Sounds like you had a lovely day and you were kept cool by the shade of the trees. Rhys enjoyed the blindfold trail. Do you think squirrels like chocolate?

  9. Claire Brennan (Evie's mum) says:

    It looks like you all had a great time and were very lucky with the weather.
    The squirrels have obviously been learning how to read maps and use a compass too!!

  10. Sheena and Oliver bennett says:

    We enjoyed ourselves and we liked the treasure hunt best. Thank you to all the staff and parents who made the trip so special xxx

  11. Becka (Izzabelle's mum) says:

    Wow year 1, seems like you all had a wonderful day! What a cheeky little squirrel, he must have been looking for treasure too! I’m glad that the weather stayed nice for you all and dissapointed that I couldn’t be there as it looks like you had a lot of fun!

  12. Tracy(Lucas mum) says:

    Lucas had a excellent day loved looking for the treasure and the signs he also told u about the squirrels hope they enjoyed the chocolate.

  13. hannahstewart says:

    Wow! It looks like you had a fabulous day in the woods despite the pesky squirrels!

  14. Marion (Phoebe's Mum) says:

    What lovely photos. It looks like you had a great day.

  15. Macey says:

    I really enjoyed making the dens I Hope you did too!!!

  16. kateheap says:

    What a fantastic adventure in the woods! Charlie had a brilliant time. Thank you!
    Charlie H’s Mum

  17. Mrs Webster says:

    Ollie has told me all about the trip to the woods I hoap it duzunt hapun a gen next time.

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