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There be treasures to find on Farfield Island!

Wednesday 21st May | 11 comments

The Year 1 children had an exciting day on Monday being pirates!
In the morning they all went down to the hall and met a very sad pirate called Good Girl Pirate Pearl. Poor Pearl had not only had her treasure stolen by the ruthless Pirate Big Bad Barbara, but she had also stolen Gertrude – her trusty pirate shipmate!
Pearl had no idea where to start looking so the children helped her by drawing maps of the different islands that they had created in their pirate stories last week. Pearl was very grateful and was just about to set off in search of her treasure when Big Bad Barbara arrived! The naughty pirate was then tricked into revealing that the treasure was actually hidden on Farfield Island – right where the children were!For the rest of the morning the children practiced their mapping skills in readiness for the treasure hunt that afternoon. They looked at co ordinates and mapping symbols on different maps.
In the afternoon the children were joined by some grown up pirates. They then had to use their aerial map reading skills. In each location the children found pots of Pearl’s treasure and they were able to swap the treasure in their booty bags if they found one they liked better. They also had to collect the 13 letters written on the treasure boxes and unscramble them to find where Barbara had hidden Gertrude! Big Bad Barbara was defeated and the Farfield Pirates saved the day!!

11 responses to “There be treasures to find on Farfield Island!”

  1. Zoe (Ruby's mum) says:

    Great photos 1GJ you all look like you has a really fun day. Rubys grandma said you all looked fantastic in your outfits and she thought the school had been taken over by pirates when she brought Ruby to school in the morning! 🙂

  2. Nina says:

    I couldn’t decide which bit was my favourite! It was all
    really fun!

  3. kateheap says:

    All four of my pirates (and mermaid) had a brilliant time hunting for treasure!
    Charlie H’s mum

  4. Nicole (Katie's Mum) says:

    What a great day!

    I was particularly impressed with the acting at the end when the children found where Big Bad Barbara had taken Gertrude.

    Katie really enjoyed the treasure hunt (and delving through the cache each time to see if there were better items in there). The other children having play time joined in beautifully too and cheered us on when we found the letters.

  5. Ellen (Rhys mum) says:

    Rhys & Erin were super excited on the treasure hunt. There was lots of interesting treasure and it wasn’t always exactly where it was on the map. They had to use their pirate brains to look and find it.

    The class were very good at keeping it a Secret from Big Bad Barbara that they had found the treasure map.

    Well Done 1D & 1GJ.

    Thank you for inviting Erin, Ayla, Grandad & myself.

  6. Marion (Phoebe's Mum) says:

    What a great treasure hunt! Thank goodness we had such fab weather too! Thanks for such a lovely afternoon Year 1.

  7. Nahed (Umayyahs mum) says:

    What great pictures year 1. Looks like you had lots of fun being pirates and doing the treasure hunt. You all looked fabulous. 😉

  8. Chloe A-C says:

    I really enjoyed coming on the treasure hunt with you all. You are fantastic map readers and treasure hunters – well done on helping Good Girl Pearl to save Gertrude!

  9. Rosie (Amelia's Mum) says:

    What a fantastic treasure hunt ! I really enjoyed working out where the different boxes were with Amelia on the map. Thank you 🙂

  10. Ollie Webster says:

    Thanks for letting me and the hol class for Piraet dey thanks from Ollie

  11. KG says:

    Lovely costumes everyone.

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