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Lots of history in Year 1

Friday 13th June | 10 comments

This week we have started our history topic all about Castles. We began by discussing ‘What is history’? The children were very interested and have asked lots of great questions. We then found out about why and when castles were built and looked at different types of castles. Ask your child about Motte and Bailey castles. The children learnt about different parts of a castle including battlements, arrow loops, curtain walls, ramparts and portcullis. They were very keen to find out more about ‘murder holes’ – this is where boiling liquid was poured through holes in the ceiling onto the attackers below! Next week we will be learning about roles of the people who lived and worked in castles and also creating our own coat of arms.

During our literacy session the children were all very excited to find a mystery parcel…it was a set of very heavy keys! They had a note attached that said ‘The keys to the castle’. The children thought of some great ideas about who the keys may have belonged to – we had ogres, evil knights, spooky witches and bad princesses! They then used a story mountain to plan a story about a castle. They used this plan to write their story independently remembering everything they have learnt this year. This piece of writing will be levelled and help us give your child a final end of year level for their writing.

In numeracy we have also been busy assessing what the children have learnt this year. Their end of year levels will be in their final report that you will receive in July. All the children tried very hard and enjoyed showing us what they have learnt.

Next week we will be doing the Year1 Phonics Check – please see separate posts for more information about this.
Have a great weekend in the sun.
The Year 1 Team

10 responses to “Lots of history in Year 1”

  1. Manroop says:

    I loved making my story mountain! The main character in my story was Becky. She was a princess who lived in a castle. She got trapped in a tower of the castle, by a nasty knight. A handsome prince came and rescued the beautiful princess. The mean and nasty knight ran away.

  2. Macey says:

    Hi year 1, I really enjoyed writing my story about castles and i am lookin forward to going to skipton and seeing inside a real castle.

  3. Nahed (Umayyahs mum) says:

    Umayyah had a great time thinking about all the different charectors that would live in a castle. She is looking forward to her trip to skipton castle and exploring a real castle.

  4. Nahed (Umayyahs mum) says:

    Umayyah is really enjoying learning about castles, charectors that could live in them and all the different parts of castles. She’s looking forward to the trip next week and exploring a real castle.

  5. Lisa (Emelia's mum) says:

    This is such a great topic for Emelia who has an amazing imagination and has enjoyed writing her story about princess Shelley, Keiva the jester, servent Isabelle and the stolen wedding ring! How will it end? Will the ring be found? You will have to wait and see!
    Skipton castle is amazing and I’m sure you’ll have a wonderful trip.

  6. oliverb says:

    I lovd making my story mountain. I carnt wait to see a real castl.

  7. oliverb says:

    I like plaing in the castl and I have a castl at home.

  8. jasroop says:

    I loved maken my story mouten

  9. jasroop says:

    I liked doning my story mouten it was fun but it tok a long time doning it

  10. Nina says:

    When we were writing our stories I thought they were all wonderful! I’m glad we wrote them!

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