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Class 1GJ visit Skipton Castle

Wednesday 25th June | 10 comments

The children in 1GJ had a brilliant time at Skipton Castle. In the morning they were shown around the castle by Peter the guide and he was very entertaining! He was impressed with how much the children already knew about castles. We looked around the watch tower, the great banqueting hall, the kitchens and the Lord’s bedchamber. Ask your child what the ‘long drop’ was and about the bird pie!

In the afternoon the children had chance to explore the castle and sketch and take photographs using the iPads.  Thank you very much to all the mums who came with us – we hope you enjoyed your day.


10 responses to “Class 1GJ visit Skipton Castle”

  1. Nahed (Umayyahs mum) says:

    1GJ you look as though you’ve had a fun day where you have continued learning about castles. I’m looking forward to hearing about the long drop and bird pie from Umayyah.

  2. Kate (Charlie's mum) says:

    Charlie had a fantastic time at Skipton Castle. Her favourite part was being able to draw and write about what she learned. She didn’t like being locked in the dungeon!

  3. Zoe (Ruby's mum) says:

    I had a great time with you all at Skipton Castle and learnt alot of new things. Ruby told her daddy about the long drop and why we say ‘good night, sleep tight’. I was very impressed at how well behaved you all were. Well done. 🙂

  4. Chloe A-C says:

    What super photos of a really amazing day. 1GJ – you knew so much about castles, I learned loads from you – I’d never heard of murder holes. Very proud of your great behaviour, thank you for letting me join you.

  5. Sarah H says:

    Heather told us that the scariest bit was when they turned the lights out in the dungeons! She had a fantastic day though and was very excited to tell us all about it when she came home. Thank you for such a great trip.

  6. Manroop says:

    My favourite part of the day was when we had to go around the castle to draw pictures. The scariest part was in the dungeon when the lights got turned off. I really enjoyed going to Skipton Castle! I loved lunch time because we all had a picnic out side. I enjoyed evrey thing.

  7. Mrs Webster says:

    Ollie has been telling me all about the trip to skipton castle he told me abuot the dongun and the Longdrop it seems year 1GJ had a grait time.

    From Ollie’s mum.

  8. Claire Brennan (Evie's mum) says:

    I really enjoyed coming on the trip to Skipton Castle with you all and was very impressed with how much you knew about castles. As much as I’d like a big castle to live in, I was glad to come home to carpets and a comfy bed to sleep in that night!

  9. Nina says:

    It was fun exploring Skipton Castle!

  10. jasroop says:

    I liked skipton catsles my faviete bit was the magic tric.

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