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Behold the brilliant banquet!

Monday 7th July | 19 comments

Today the Farsley Farfield drawbridge was lowered to welcome the village folk to the royal banquet. There was fine entertainment and feasting on pottage. Thank you to all the parents for providing such wonderful costumes and for joining the banquet.

19 responses to “Behold the brilliant banquet!”

  1. alexgalbraith says:

    You all look brilliant! Did you enjoy the banquet?

    • 1GJ says:

      Yes we did! We liked dressing up but some of the costumes were a bit hot and itchy. Most of us enjoyed eating the pottage. The dancing made us a little bit nervous and embarressed but in the end it was really good fun especially the giant spiral. We loved the banquet.

  2. Peter Harris says:

    This all looks fantastic! I hope everyone had a good time. It certainly looks like you have enjoyed this topic.

  3. Cheryl- summers mum says:

    Oh my gosh! They all look so sweet in their costumes. Love the group photos

  4. Claire B says:

    We really enjoyed your medieval banquet this afternoon and you all looked fantastic in your outfits.
    Evie’s baby brother tried some of the potage and he loved it – I think he likes it better than the food I give him!!

  5. Mrs Webster says:

    You all looked like proper medieval lords and ladies – hope you enjoyed your banquet and left some for the servants !

  6. Preeya says:

    I like making the castles and my mummy and daddy like it. 🙂

  7. Sam S says:

    It was delicious, and great dancing! I have asked Nina for the recipe.

  8. Zoe (Ruby's mum) says:

    You all looked fantastic and Rubys grandma and I really enjoyed the dancing….well done year 1.

  9. Tracy(Lucas mum) says:

    Well done this afternoon you all looked like you enjoyed it Lucas said he liked the pottage thanks.

  10. Nadine says:

    What an amazing banquet, all the children looked outstanding in their medieval costumes and the pottage was delicious. Maceys grandma and I thoroughly enjoyed the dancing. Well done Year 1.

  11. Ellen (Rhys mum) says:

    Thank you for inviting us to your banquet. You must have practised really hard with your dances, they were brilliant. We ate all our pottage up too and even dunked our bread! What a lovely end to your castles topic. Well done everyone including the teachers! Xxx

  12. Sarah (Heathers mum) says:

    We thought you all looked amazing and what a great mix of costumes, the King and Queen are lucky to have such a fantastic court.
    The entertainment was fun and the feasting was certainly merry. Well done everyone!

  13. lauren says:

    I really enjoyed the food and I enjoyed the dancing.

  14. oliver b says:

    I enjoyed eating the pottage. I liked doing the dance and I enjoyed the afternoon 🙂

  15. Michael (Elizabeth's daddy) says:

    That hat was especially stressful to make, but it looked AMAAAAAAAZING in the end!

    Everyone else looks fantastic too. Well done everybody!

  16. Elizabeth says:

    I really liked the banquet. I liked the dancing and making the pottage but not the taste of it.

  17. Jeanne S.Izzabelles Nanny says:

    Nanny and Grandad loved the banquet. The children made us feel as though we were really at one! Fabulous costumes,and the pottage was very tasty. Thank you all for a lovely time.

  18. Davina (Keivas Mummy) says:

    The photos of your medieval banquet look brilliant, I’m so sorry I couldn’t be there but it’s looks you all had a fantastic time! Keiva has said she will make me some pottage at home seeing as I missed out! Well done everybody,

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