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DT – making castles in 1D

Monday 7th July | 1 comment

Last week we made our fantastic castles that the children will have brought home tonight. They started by designing a castle – the brief include what it must be, what it should have and what it could have. they then drew a picture of the castle they wanted to build and thought about the materials they would need. The children then looked at the ‘must have’ section of the brief and decided on how these could be made. In the next session the children worked on the skills they would need to make their castle – poking a hole through cardboard to cut out an arrow slit or window, threading and tying knots for the drawbridge, cutting out a door with a hinge and cutting the  battlements. They then painted their castles and used rulers to add lines so they looked like they were made from stone, added guards, princesses and flags and, of course, a moving drawbridge.

The finished castles look brilliant!

I have also made a video of the children creating their castles.

One response to “DT – making castles in 1D”

  1. Mr Harris says:

    This was such careful work and your castles look fantastic! Well done Year 1!


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