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1GJ are ready for Year 2!

Tuesday 8th July | 4 comments


Today 1GJ teamed up with 2F to write some World Cup poems. Why not visit the Year 2 blog to find out more? While you are there have a look at their flag counter – I’m sure that you will be impressed! Click on this link to fast forward you to Year 2.


4 responses to “1GJ are ready for Year 2!”

  1. Izzabelle says:

    I liked working with my partner it was very very fun making the world cup poem.

  2. Marion (Phoebe's Mum) says:

    I think your World Cup poems are great! You all did really well working together in pairs. Well done!

  3. Preeya says:

    I like working with Harneet and I liked making a poem. 🙂

  4. jasroop says:

    I liked doing my poem with my partner it was very fun

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