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Year 1 have been thinking about their busy year!

Friday 18th July | 14 comments

In literacy this week we have all been thinking about our time in Year 1. What has been our favourite part? Some of the highlights were all the trips we have been on – Eureka, the theatre, Leeds Art Gallery, Skipton Castle and Blackhill Woods. The children also said they’d enjoyed the banquet and the Tour de Farsley. Some children said that their favourite thing was all the hard work!! The children have all drawn a picture of themselves and written about their year. This piece of work will be added to a portfolio that was started in Nursery and will move up through school with them. The children had fun looking at their work from Nursery and Reception.

We have revisited division and sharing in numeracy. The children used a variety of equipment to help them solve problems. Their mental maths skills are developing. Can they quickly answer 10÷2= or 9 ÷ 3= and can they share out objects such as 15 toys shared between 3 people?

We hope you all enjoyed Sports Day – well done to Brazil who were the winning team. All the children tried really hard and had lots of fun!

On Wednesday we went to the Junior Building to watch the Year 6 leavers show. It was very entertaining and the children thoroughly enjoyed it.

We will be collecting book bags in next week so please can you empty them so that only their reading record and reading books are left in. Also please can you have a look around your house for any reading books and library books that may have found their way onto your book shelves or under children’s beds!

Have a great weekend – only 2 days left!

The Year 1 Team

14 responses to “Year 1 have been thinking about their busy year!”

  1. Vikki (Paiges mum) says:

    Paige has really enjoyed this year – thanks to all the teachers and staff for all their hard work!

  2. Jemma Leckenby says:

    Dominic has had a brilliant year and thoroughly enjoyed learning about everything. Hope year 2 is just as much fun for him.


  3. Nicole (Katie's Mum) says:

    Katie is very disappointed that there are only two more days at school.

    Her older brother is rejoicing…

  4. Davina Keivas Mum says:

    Keiva has thoroughly enjoyed year 1! She has enjoyed becoming firm friends with all in the class and has loved her teachers! Thank you to Mrs Daniels for all she has done for Keiva, she is really going to miss you! Here’s hoping that keiva loves year 2 as much as she has year 1 and that she progresses as well as she has this year too!

  5. Lisa (Emelia's mum) says:

    I second everything said above, Emelia has had a brilliant year but is looking forward to year 2. Lucas is still a little dissapointed that he won’t be in Mrs Daniel’s class next year but he’ll get over it!!

  6. Sam Faiths mum says:

    Faith has had a fantastic year and made so much progress with her school work and confidence! Thank you mrs Daniels, mrs Walker and mrs Morgan and the rest of the year 1 team for all your hard work helping faith this year! She will miss you all but is very much looking forward to being in year 2 in September!

  7. shelleydaniels1 says:

    Aww, thank you for your lovely comments, you will have me in tears! They have been a pleasure to teach – lively, funny, interesting and all with their own unique personality! They will all thrive in Year 2!

  8. lauren says:

    Thank you to my teachers for teaching me lots of things. I have enjoyed literacy and all the lovely trips best were Eureka and Black hills .

  9. Zoe (Ruby's mum) says:

    Ruby has had a fantastic year and we are so proud of her especially the way her confidence has grown. She has thoroughly enjoyed everything she has learnt and has taught us lots of interesting facts too! This is all down to the hard work and decdication of Mrs James, Mrs Galbraith and the rest of the year 1 team. Thank you for everything and have a great summer! PS…we have really enjoyed the blog its a great way to comminicate and has helped to build a nice ‘team spirit’ between parents and pupils alike.

  10. Ellen(Rhys mum) says:

    Thank you Mrs Daniels and the year1 team. We are amazed at how much Rhys has progressed this year and his ability to not give up and keep trying. He has forged some great bonds with life long friends which is great to see. He will miss you and your shared love of science! Good luck with your new challenge next year and hope you all enjoy your holidays. Xxx

  11. Gemma (Luke's mum) says:

    I want to say a big thank you to Mrs Daniels and the support teachers for all your help with Luke in Year 1, he has loved been in your class and I have seen him progress so much throughout the year. He loves coming to school and he is excited to start Year 2 🙂 thanks again xx

  12. Tracy(Lucas's) mum says:

    Thank you mrs Daniels and the rest of the year 1 team for all you have done for Lucas this year he has made excellent progress this year and this is down to your perseverance with him hopefully he will see u when he gets to years 3.

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