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If you go down to the woods this weekend…

Friday 19th September | 5 comments

If you go down in the woods this weekend please can you look for seeds from trees?

If you find some bring them into school for a Science investigation and our nature tables.

What can you find out about the seeds?

Were the seeds on the ground or on the tree?

Are the seeds inside a fruit or an outer shell?

Can you name the seeds and the trees that they came from?

REMEMBER: Some seeds are poisonous. Never put them in your mouth and wash your hands after touching them.

Have fun being autumn adventurers and super scientists!

5 responses to “If you go down to the woods this weekend…”

  1. Isaac and Mummy says:

    …have been in the back lane of our house and found an amazing seeded cone! It looks like it’s fallen from the tree above!

    • y1team says:

      Fantastic, well done Isaac. So far I have found some conkers, sycamore seeds and acorns. Thank you for being a super scientist. Mrs James.

  2. Justine and Stevie says:

    We had lots of fun in Pudsey park looking for leaves. We also found an oak tree and some acorns.

  3. Toby and Erin says:

    Erin went to Bramley falls at the weekend with her Mummy and sister. They found conkers and acorns. The girls collected some and brought them home.

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