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A smooth start to the week…

Tuesday 7th October | 6 comments

This week the children are learning about instructions. They have followed a recipe to make a delicious smoothie. Ask your child if they can tell you how to make a smoothie. Do they know what a bossy verb is?

6 responses to “A smooth start to the week…”

  1. alexgalbraith says:

    Your smoothies look delicious. I hope that our soup tastes as good.

  2. Sophie says:

    I enjoyed making my banana and pear smoothie with my friends, it was nice!

  3. Adele B says:

    Sally enjoyed making the smoothie and explaining how you made it to me. We might try to make our own this weekend.

  4. zahrah says:

    I liked making smoothies. It was fantastic.

  5. Katies Mum says:

    I think I would like to put Katie in charge of the cooking in our house as she is learning how to make some delicious things

  6. katie sallys sisster says:

    I hope sally had fun making smoothies

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