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A tasty week in Year 1

Friday 10th October | 13 comments

What a tasty week we have had! On Monday we followed instructions to make a delicious fruit smoothie and on Wednesday we made our vegetable soup using produce from our school farm. It was lovely to see so many of you there – did you enjoy your soup? On Thursday the children wrote their own set of instructions about how to make soup. They learnt about time words and bossy verbs such as first, next, put, stir, pour.

In maths we have had lots of fun learning our number bonds to 10. These are the numbers that pair up together to make 10 e.g. 9+1, 5 + 5, 6 + 4. The children used shaving foam blobs, locked padlocks with keys and went on a number bond trail around the classroom. Learning the number bonds is a key skill in Year 1 and each week we will have a number bond of the week. Number bond of the week this week is 5 + 5 = 10 and 10 – 5 = 5.

In our science lesson we focussed on why thunder and lightning happens. The children are loving being scientists and doing all our mini weather investigations. Ask them how they made thunder this week? We will be posting a weather blog when we have done all our investigations.

Thank you for all your support with learning logs, spellings and reading at home. We have seen some super work and the children have been very proud sharing their work with the class. Thank you also to everyone who has left a comment on our blog posts – the children love reading them.

Remember it is our trip to the nature reserve next Wednesday. Hopefully the weather will be dry but the children need sensible footwear or Wellington boots as they will be outside exploring the woods the whole time they are there. They will be having a school dinner before or after their trip.

Have a super weekend.
The Year 1 Team

13 responses to “A tasty week in Year 1”

  1. daisys mum says:

    The soup was delicious, well done to everyone who made it.
    And how excited were all the children when they had there science lesson? Very excited.Daisy rubbed her ballon that hard on my head it popped. Lol

  2. Laura's mum says:

    Laura’s dad enjoyed the soup! Shame I missed it. Laura’s hair was really messy after rubbing her head with the balloon, she said it was great fun.

  3. Isaac says:

    …very much enjoyed making smoothies – would like us to invest in a blender.

  4. Kate park says:

    You all like you had lots of fun while learning about vegetables and cooking. Well done year 1

  5. janefisher says:

    Your soup smelt delicious! All the children in 2F kept asking what the wonderful smell was. What a lot of lovely vegetables you were able to collect up at the farm. Well done everyone, maybe you could bring me the instructions for making your soup? Well done for ‘being great learners.’ from Mrs Fisher 🙂

  6. zahrah says:

    I had so much fun making the soup. It was delicious.

  7. Lewis' mum says:

    lewis said he has had a great week at school. Lewis found it fun and very amusing rubbing a balloon on my head and making my hair look a mess. Looks like you all had fun making your smoothies and soup! Well done year 1 .

  8. Katies Dad says:

    I really enjoyed the soup. I tried to guess all the ingredients but I didn’t get it right. Well done Year 1.

  9. Harry's mum says:

    Looks like there are some budding chefs in the making. Well done Year 1.

  10. Toby and Erin says:

    The soup was yummy. I loved the vegetables.

  11. zahrah says:

    I had a great time on the trip.

  12. Elsa says:

    I really enjoyed making and eating the soup.

  13. zahrah says:

    I enjoyed our trip to the Museum, I like the part where we listened to the cotton story.

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