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Rainbows, thunderstorms and tornadoes in Year 1!!

Thursday 16th October | 8 comments

The children all thought of some super questions in their learning logs and we have been trying to answer them during our weekly science lessons. “Why do we get rainbows?” “What is a tornado?” “Why is thunder loud?”

The children have thoroughly enjoyed being scientists. We have done lots of different experiments. What was your child’s favourite? Can they tell you about why and how thunderstorms happen? Or why we see rainbows?

8 responses to “Rainbows, thunderstorms and tornadoes in Year 1!!”

  1. Harry's mum says:

    Harry loved the science experiments this week. His favourite was the tornado – shaking the jar with soap, vinegar and water, adding glitter looked just like the real thing!

  2. Stevie's Mum says:

    Stevie enjoyed being a scientist and all the experiments that she had done in class.

  3. Lesley Quirk says:

    Sarah had fab time

  4. Betsy says:

    It was fun making thunder.

  5. Alfie says:

    I enjoyed making my weather poster with mummy.

  6. kaydi fisher year 1 says:

    i had a great time watching the Queens Knickers and my favorite part was when the Queen and Dilis threw their knickers

  7. Governor Bernice (the Mad Scientist!) says:

    Hello Year 1,
    My name is Bernice and I am a Governor of your school as well as a very mad scientist. At our Governor Meeting this week Mr Harris told us that there were some great blogs on the platform, so I was very interested to see what science you have been up to. This is the first piece I have looked at and I think you have done some fantastic science here. I think that weather is amazing and it is so interesting to know how a rainbow is formed, even though they look like a frown they always make me smile!

    I really like making things up with glitter in so I loved the idea of glittery tornadoes, I hope that all these tornadoes, along with making thunder, didn’t make the classroom shake?

    Thank you Class 1 for letting me see a little of what you do with science, and also the great work that you wrote in your learning logs. I hope that you will continue to enjoy science so you can be mad scientists in the future!

    Many thanks,

    • Class 1GJ says:

      Hello Bernice
      Thank you for writing on our blog. We are enjoying our science lessons. We like doing experiments! Do you do lots of science at home?
      From all the children in 1GJ – we are crazy scientists!

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