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4 days of fun in Year 1

Thursday 20th November | 1 comment

Even though we’ve only been in school for 4 days it has been very action packed! In our literacy and history lessons we learnt about the Queen’s Coronation and the children remembered lots of facts. They all thoroughly enjoyed the re-enactment of the Coronation – who would have thought that the Queen would have come to Farsley Farfield!!

In maths we have been focussing on addition. The children have learnt that addition can be done in any order and have used a variety of equipment to help them answer calculations. They used number lines, numicon and counters. They also helped the Queen solve one-step addition problems by drawing pictures e.g. the crown only has 4 diamonds on. The jeweller has added 3 more. How many are there altogether?

We had lots of fun in our science lesson creating something to help the Queen’s knickers float! Using their knowledge about materials they made something that would float. They could choose from cardboard boxes, metal dishes, wooden blocks, bubble wrap, plastic containers. Which do you think floated? We had fun testing our ‘floating knickers’!

Thank you for helping your child build a castle for their homework. We have had some amazing ones and we are running out of room to display them all. The children are very proud of their work.

Have a great weekend. Remember that next week is only 4 days again as Wednesday is a training day.
The Year 1 Team

One response to “4 days of fun in Year 1”

  1. daisy says:

    I love reading in year 1. My favourite part of this week was the queen’s coronation.

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