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Useful links to help with learning.

Friday 28th November | 6 comments
In Year One we always want to make learning fun and some web based interactive activities can help. This website is particularly good: click on the pictures below and you will be taken to the fun games.
Ask your child to show you the activities they are familiar with.
Phonics / key words / reading
Maths links
The funky mummy game is a particular favourite as is the dinosaur egg game.
Have fun exploring!

6 responses to “Useful links to help with learning.”

  1. 1GJ says:

    1GJ have been looking at the blog and exploring the links to the games. We really enjoyed playing the dragon phonics game. Which games do you like playing?

  2. Sophie says:

    I liked playing the spelling parachute game and the toilet game, the games are really fun!

  3. Betsy says:

    I had fun playing the toilet game.

  4. The Lentons says:

    I loved chute shuffle and I played alittle bit of forist phonics!

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