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The problem with Christmas…

Tuesday 9th December | 8 comments

1GJ have a Christmas Maths area. One of the activities is to write Christmas problems. Sophie has been very busy and written lots of problems. Can you answer any of them?

If there are 9 reindeers and 2 run away, how many reindeers will be left?

If there are 10 snowmen and 5 melt, how many snowmen will be left?

There are 6 baubles on a tree. 4 fall off. How many are left?

There are 30 presents under the tree. If I open 1, how many are there left?

Can you write a Christmas Maths problem on the blog for 1GJ to answer?

8 responses to “The problem with Christmas…”

  1. Erin 1GJ says:

    There were 12 presents. 5 got opened. How many are there left?

  2. Harry 1GJ says:

    There were 90 snowmen. Someone built 10 more. How many snowmen are there now?

  3. Adam 1GJ says:

    Santa had 13 mince pies. He ate 6. How many mince pies are left?

  4. 2H says:

    1. 7
    2. 5
    3. 2
    4. 29

    There are 18 lights around the living room and 6 light bulbs break. How many are working?

    There are 3 reindeers waiting for Santa. How many legs does that make altogether?

    • y1team says:

      Thank you for answering 1GJ’s maths problems. These are the answers for your problems:

      There are 12 lights left.
      There are 12 legs.

      We hope we have got them right.

  5. Elsa 1GJ says:

    There are 7 Christmas stockings. If I take 2 away, how many will be left?

  6. Jack 1GJ says:

    There were 30 elves delivering presents with Santa. 4 got lost! How many are left?

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