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Picture Pie Penguins in 1GJ

Wednesday 10th December | 3 comments

The children have been busy creating picture pie penguins. They cut circles into halves, quarters and eighths. The finished creations are super. We hope you like them when they bring them home next week.

3 responses to “Picture Pie Penguins in 1GJ”

  1. Mrs James says:

    Well done 1GJ your cards are fantastic! It looks like everyone enjoyed this Christmas Maths lesson. Perhaps you could use wholes, halves, quarters and eighths to make another Christmas picture at home. What about a robin, Santa or snowman?

  2. Katie NW says:

    Well done 1GJ. I hope you all enjoyed making them as much as I did. Happy Christmas everyone!

  3. Justine Allatt says:

    Stevie brought home a lovely card with a penguin on and she had lots of fun making it.

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