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Have you got more presents than me?

Tuesday 16th December | 1 comment

Today 1GJ have been learning about ‘difference’ in Maths. It was quite tricky but the children were great learners. This is how they worked out the difference.

Sophie, “I put the presents in two lines to find out the difference.”

Owen, “I put the presents in pairs then counted the left over ones to find the answer.”

Harry, “I paired the presents up and took the pairs away. I counted the ones that were left to find the answer.”

Isaac, “I counted the presents to see if Zachary had more.”

Betsy, “I put the presents together then counted the ones that didn’t have a pair.”

Samuel, “Difference means how many more one person has than another.”

Can your child find the difference between two groups of objects at home?

One response to “Have you got more presents than me?”

  1. Mrs Galbraith says:

    This looks like a fun maths lesson. You have all used good ideas to find the difference. Well done.

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