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Art, dinosaurs and place value in Year 1!

Friday 9th January | 12 comments

What a busy week! The children are thoroughly enjoying our new dinosaur topic – some of them are real experts! This week in literacy we have been focussing on the Tyrannosaurus Rex. The children found out lots of facts about this dinosaur and they wrote some great sentences. They also presented their findings using ‘Text ease’ on the laptops. The dinosaur area in 1GJ is very popular – they have done some super detailed drawings of dinosaurs.

In maths we have been learning all about place value and the children have been looking at numbers and partitioning them into hundreds, tens and units a number has. For example 152 is made from 100, 50 and 2.

We have begun our art focus in our curriculum sessions. This week the children have been ‘Art Gallery Managers’ – they looked at and discussed many different pieces of art and talked about what they liked and disliked them. Each child chose a piece of art that they would display in an art gallery.  They also sorted the art work into different styles, such as portraits, installations, printing and collage. Your child should have brought home a letter about our trip to Leeds City Art Gallery – we hope some parents will be able to join us on our visit.

Have a great weekend.
The Year 1 Team

12 responses to “Art, dinosaurs and place value in Year 1!”

  1. Elsa says:

    I really enjoyed learning about the Tyrannosaurus Rex.I especially enjoyed the video we saw about it.

  2. Srihan's Mum says:

    Srihan is really enjoying himself learning about dinosaurs. He has been telling us lots of facts and is keenly looking through different books he got from the library.

  3. janefisher says:

    Looks like you have all had a brilliant first week back and I can see that there’s been a lot of brain stretching going on in Year 1! I’m really looking forward to visiting your Art Gallery and can’t wait to see your art work. Keep being the best you can be, from Mrs Fisher 🙂

  4. Kate park says:

    Finlay is really enjoying the dinosaur theme and I am really looking forward to coming and making some glass art work with you all. Kate park

  5. Lewis' mum says:

    Lewis has really enjoyed learning about the T.Rex and has told us all about it. Well done year one.

  6. Sally says:

    I had fun and I did it good.

  7. Jenny Scott says:

    Harry told me he really enjoyed writing a description about the Tyrranosaurus Rex – what an exciting topic for Year One!

  8. Sarah q says:

    Sarah really enjoyed learning about .T Rex.

  9. pareen says:

    Pareen is really enjoying about T Rex and told us about pablo picasso…

  10. Tia says:

    I liked the video of dinosuars because i like terodactals, i have enjoid the video lots, i think dinosuars are interesting and fun.

  11. Class 1GJ says:

    Thank you for looking at our blog. We like reading all your comments.

  12. Stevie says:

    Had great fun at school learning all about Tyrranosaurus Rex and was suprised what big teeth they had.

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