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Tuesday 27th January | 7 comments

This morning we were very lucky to have a special guest come to our assembly. Mr Tiffany could juggle balls, hoops, balance objects and even ride a unicycle! We learnt that it is alright to make mistakes and that practise makes perfect! After the assembly we went outside to see if we could juggle too.  Lots of us are in the dungeon but we are hoping to climb to the top of the learning tower. Thank you Mr Tiffany!

7 responses to “Juggling!”

  1. Vicky Martin says:

    Looks like the class had lots of learning fun.

  2. Mrs Galbraith says:

    Wow! This looks like great fun! Keep practising your juggling Year 1.

  3. Katie NW's mum says:

    Oh wow…I think we need to do some practising at home!! How exciting.

  4. Maya's mum says:

    Maya enjoyed the juggler, she liked the harvest trick the best. She tried juggling with the balls!

  5. Lauras mum says:

    Mr Tiffany was fantastic, Laura really enjoyed watching him. She might start use her juggling balls at home now instead of my oranges!!

  6. Katie NW says:

    I want to do more juggling as I liked Mr Tiffanys tricks.

  7. pareens mum says:

    pareen enjoyed wathching mr Tiffany juggling….had a great fun…

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