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Dinosaurs, shapes and brains!

Thursday 29th January | 7 comments

We are posting our weekly blog today as it is our ‘unplugged’ day tomorrow. We won’t be using iPads, laptops, computers or mobile phones!  The children can bring in donations for the Tong Len charity. There will also be a bun sale after school on Monday 2nd February.  We hope to see lots of you at the Charity Curry Dinner at Deeva next Tuesday evening – 3rd February. There are some great raffle prizes. Tickets are available from either office.

Thank you for all your lovely comments on our blog posts. The children were so pleased that we got over 20 comments last week! They like reading them with their friends.

In maths we have been revising all the 2D and 3D shapes. We have linked it to our art topic and created pictures, using 2D shapes, in the style of Wassily Kandinsky and 3D sculptures based on the work of Gary Webb.  Most children can confidently name 2D shapes but many are still struggling with 3D shapes. Can you help your child practise at home? Can they find and name spheres, cylinders, cubes, cuboids, pyramids and cones?

In literacy we have had great fun using our fantasy settings to write our own stories. We worked with our talking partner to plan our stories on a story mountain. Then using the laptops we typed our stories. This was really good as it is easy to edit and improve our work.

In music, with Mrs Loveridge, the children have been listening to dinosaur music and created their own using the chime bars. Please see the separate post for a video of this work.

We have been learning all about the brain in our science lessons. The children found this very interesting and were amazed by all the different parts and their funny names! Hope you like their brain hats! Please look at the Growth mind-set blog for more ideas and links about the brain.

We have been continuing our art work based on Frank Avery Wilson. Our art gallery is going to be amazing! Thank you to everyone who has returned their slip about attending on Friday 13th February.

On Monday afternoon, 2nd February,  the children will be taking part in a Sports festival. Please make sure that they have their PE kit in school and either trainers or pumps.

Have a great weekend.
The Year 1 Team

7 responses to “Dinosaurs, shapes and brains!”

  1. Maya's mum says:

    Maya enjoyed covering the umbrella with tissue paper, she’s put a lot of effort into making them look fab! And she is looking forward to making the video of her fantasy setting with Mr Garlic, I can’t wait to see it!

  2. Daniel's mum says:

    What another busy week for you all Year 1. Well done for fitting so much in. Lovely art work and great brain hats.

  3. Adele Bowden says:

    I had fun doing my brain and my mum likes it so much she has put it in her office to help her study.

  4. janefisher says:

    Year 1, your work this week looks amazing. I can see that you must have been working very hard and putting a lot of effort in. It was great to see some of you with your ‘Brain Hats’ on for Special Mention. I leave for India on the day of your Art Exhibition, so I’m hoping that you will let me come to a special preview!
    Thank you also for the donations you brought in for Tong Len. See you all soon, Mrs Fisher 🙂

  5. Katie's Mum says:

    Katie’s brain hat is in our kitchen and Katies daddy has been wearing it to solve tricky questions

  6. Darcy 4GK says:

    They all look very good.Wish I could make one.

  7. Tia says:

    I enjoy learning about shapes in maths and I enjoy learning about brain as we’ll.

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