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Bones, bodies and time!

Friday 27th February | 7 comments

In maths this week we have been busy practising telling the time using analogue clocks. We have learnt o’clock and half past and some children were extended to using quarter to and quarter past. We have played lots of fun practical games.


These are some of the games that can be used on a computer or tablet. Please click on the clock.


In PE we played “What time is it Mr Wolf?” which they all enjoyed! All the children made their own paper plate clock and they can use this to help them complete their learning log homework. We have also been practising reading and writing the days of the week and the months of the year.

In literacy over the next two weeks we are using the story ‘Funnybones’ to help inspire our own story writing. This week 1GJ has been creating their own settings – we had spooky castles, magical lands, and snowy caves. They then used the repetitive style of the story to write their own stories. 1S have been focussing on retelling the story. They have also been using conjunctions to add detail and depth to their sentences.

Remember that we are celebrating ‘World Book Day’ on Thursday 5th March and the children can come to school dressed as a character from a book. As part of world book day we are doing an investigation – we need lots of plastic pots, trays and margarine tubs. The Scholastic book fair will be open from Monday 2nd March until Thursday 5th March, before and after school, in the entrance hall. All the children will receive a £1 book voucher that they can either use at our book fair or in a bookshop.

In science we have had lots of fun exploring the human body. On Monday the children wrote about what they already knew – some of them are experts already!  We then moved onto looking at and naming external and internal body parts and what jobs they all do. We had fun drawing around two children and drawing and labelling the body parts. We also created our own skeletons using art straws.

Thank you to Sally’s mum who came to talk to the children about being a nurse and looking after their bodies. Please see our separate post for photographs of this great visit.

On Tuesday 31st March we will be having a ‘Spring Chicken’ event from 9am until 9.45am in the North Hall. This will be a celebration of the work the children will have done during our chicken topic. Everyone is welcome – more details will follow soon.

Have a great weekend.
The Year 1 Team

7 responses to “Bones, bodies and time!”

  1. Laura says:

    I enjoied the games that was on the blog and i enjoied looking at the youtube vidios they were the best:-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-):-)

  2. kate park says:

    Thanks Adele for taking time to go in and inspire them. Kate

  3. Elsa says:

    Elsa really enjoyed building the skeleton on the White board and also building her own with glue and scissors with help from Mrs Booth.

  4. pareen's mum says:

    pareen enjoyed playing the game “clock works”..brilliant games to learn the time…..

  5. Vicky Martin says:

    Lauren said she enjoyed learing about telling the time and is keen to get to her homework.

  6. Jenny Scott says:

    Harry seems really interested in this topic and kept retelling all he had learnt over the weekend.

    The family are now all under strict instructions to wash our hands properly too! Many thanks.

  7. Zahrah says:

    I enjoy making the skeleton.

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