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We are proud of our achievements!

Monday 2nd March | 4 comments

Today 1GJ led the ethos assembly about ‘I am proud of what I do and value the achievements of others’.

The children shared their achievements including sports certificates, Beaver badges, crafts, medals, rosettes, collections, photos and school work. Year 1 are a very talented bunch!

I explained that I am proud of my baritone playing even though I am still a beginner. I am playing in a concert soon. The other players are much younger than me but I am proud that I have learnt enough to join in!

The children thought about the need to value other people’s achievements. In the story ‘Dogs Don’t Do Ballet’ the grown-ups think that Biff the dog can’t do ballet. Luckily his owner, a little girl, values her dog’s ambitions. Eventually Biff dances on stage in a tutu and everyone is proud of him. We all need to remember to value the achievements of others.

The assembly was a huge success. Well done Year 1, I am proud of you all.



4 responses to “We are proud of our achievements!”

  1. Toby and Erin says:

    Well done 1GJ!

  2. alexgalbraith says:

    Well done 1GJ. This looks like a super assembly. I’m very proud of you all sharing your achievements in front of the rest of the infant children.

  3. peterharris says:

    Well done 1GJ. I always admire people that can play an instrument as I regret not learning to play one as a child. I admire musicians’ perseverance.

  4. pareen's mum says:

    Well done 1GJ….

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