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Beware of the baddies in 1GJ!

Tuesday 3rd March | 1 comment

Something strange is going on in 1GJ. We read ‘Knock, Knock. Who’s There?’ by Sally Grindley and Anthony Browne. Very soon there was a knock on the classroom door. It was a mean dragon who said, “I’m a fierce scaly dragon with smoke up my nose and fire in my mouth. When you let me in, I’m going to cook you for my tea.” We didn’t let it in but we kept hearing rat-a-tat-tat on the classroom door. Look at all the baddies who tried to visit us…

The children have been busy creating their own baddies, making adjective word banks and writing sentences to describe their characters. I hardly dare open the Literacy books to mark them!

One response to “Beware of the baddies in 1GJ!”

  1. alexgalbraith says:

    Eek! What a lot of scary baddies. I’m not sure if I dare come to school tomorrow!

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