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Exciting visitors in Year 1!

Wednesday 18th March | 9 comments

The children are having a great time looking after Mr Garlick’s chickens – Snowflake, Caramel and Bella. The chickens are very settled and have already laid 4 eggs! Mr Garlick told the children lots of interesting facts about his chickens. Can your child remember what he told us?

A big thank you to Mr Garlick – we have all learnt lots!

9 responses to “Exciting visitors in Year 1!”

  1. Mr Harris says:

    These look like pretty, pampered chickens. Many thanks Mr Garlick.

  2. Stevie says:

    Stevie has been telling us all about Carmel and Snowflake the chickens at School.

  3. Alison Thornton says:

    Joseph was very excited to show me the chickens this morning.

  4. Adele Bowden says:

    Sally has not stopped talking about the chickens. She was very excited to show me them this morning and tell me there names. I now know how chickens get cleaned and what they like to eat. Sally will be sad to see them leave.

  5. Katie NW's mum says:

    What a fabulous thing to happen…I wish we had chickens at my school. Those eggs look tasty too

  6. Maya's mum says:

    Maya told me that chickens eat corn and grits, they don’t actually eat worms. She also said that Caramel is the bossy one and the cockerels are the most bossy ones!

  7. Laura's mum says:

    Laura told me lots of things about the chickens, especially the pecking order when they go to bed!! She was really excited showing me them this morning and telling me their names. Thank you Mr G for bringing them into school.

  8. Laura says:

    I loved seeing the chickens today and I wasn’t scared, I stroked one too.

  9. Isaac's Mum says:

    Isaac was very intrigued about their new house!

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