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A very happy Easter from Year One!

Thursday 2nd April | 6 comments

Well we have only been in school for 4 days….but what a busy 4 days!!

On Monday we walked to St Johns church to learn about the Easter celebration. The children listened to the Easter story and then worked in small groups to create Easter gardens. They also went on a photograph hunt around the church to find and learn about different artefacts. Thank you to Paul Tudge and all the parents who supported us on this visit. (Please see our separate blog post). We also had fun making our chocolate Easter nests…yum!

Tuesday was our brilliant ‘Spring Chicken’ event. We hope you enjoyed looking at your child’s book, watching their movies and eating the Easter nests!! Thank you to our friends and family who came to visit.

Here are the links to our amazing videos so you can show them off over and over again. Enjoy!

1S chicken video :

1GJ chicken video :

In maths we have had a very practical week doing lots of measuring, weighing and capacity work. They have been learning about centimetres, metres, millilitres, litres, grams and kilograms. Can they practise their measuring at home? They could weigh baking ingredients, fill bottles at bath time or measure objects around the house. The children had fun decorating their metre snakes and using them to find things that were longer and shorter than 1 metre. Can they use it at home to measure objects?

Thank you for all your support with reading, blogging, spellings and their super learning logs.

Remember the Science ‘S Factor’ auditions are taking place on Friday the 24th of April. Please click on this link for more information. http://ffyr3.primaryblogger.co.uk/science/the-s-factor-farsley-farfield-science-competition/    Have fun!

We hope you all have a lovely Easter holiday.

The Year 1 Team




6 responses to “A very happy Easter from Year One!”

  1. peterharris says:

    Another fantastic, busy week for year 1! I think that you and your teachers all deserve a rest after all the wonderful work this term. Have a fabulous and well deserved break over Easter – i know that the teachers have lots more fun and learning planned for the summer term!

  2. Harry Scott says:

    What a fabulous week!
    Many thanks to all the teachers in Year One for making this such an exciting week. I’m so impressed with all the pictures and films you have recorded – They are simply brilliant.

    Hope you all have a lovely Easter

  3. janefisher says:

    What a wonderful end to a brilliant term. I have been so impressed with all the work you have done in Year 1. You are certainly ‘chicken experts,’ now! I spotted quite a few children going around with rulers and metre sticks and guessed they might be doing measuring in Maths. The metre long snakes looked a lot of fun! Did you know that Mrs Fisher is nearly 2 metres tall!
    Have a brilliant holiday. Well done to you all for working hard and putting so much effort into your work.
    From Mrs Fisher 🙂

  4. Zahrah says:

    We have so much fun in 1G/J. I love school.

  5. Betsy says:

    I liked doing the chicken movie.

  6. Elsie (Betsy's sister) says:

    The chicken movie was awesome . I bet it was lots of fun to make. Well done!

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