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S Factor fun in 1GJ

Friday 24th April | 2 comments

We have had a very exciting time at our S Factor auditions. We had four amazing entries. The children performed their science acts confidently and independently – well done! The rest of the class voted for their favourite act to go through to the grand final on the 1st May. The winner will be announced shortly…watch this space!

2 responses to “S Factor fun in 1GJ”

  1. Katie NW's Mum says:

    Science experiments are really good fun.
    Did anything go whizz, bang, pop?

  2. Bernice Ridley says:

    Hello Year 1, I am a scientist and a Governor at your school. I am very lucky that I can come in to school to help with the judging of the S Factor Grand Final tomorrow, I think what you have done so far is absolutely brilliant and is going to make it very hard to choose the winners.

    If I get a moment tomorrow I will try to come over and see the magic beans growing, if I see any giants I will chase them away!

    Time for a science joke:
    How do spacemen kill time on long trips?
    They play astronauts and crosses

    Have a great day!!

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