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An animaltastic week of learning!

Friday 15th May | 3 comments


What an exciting week in Year 1 – we’ve seen lots of amazing animals both in school and at Tropical World. Can your child remember all the animals they’ve seen? Did they spot any amphibians or reptiles? Were any of the animals herbivores or carnivores?

In literacy we have written thank you letters to Mags from ‘Animals in Tuition’. The children learnt how to set a letter out and what to include. They wrote a draft in their books and then edited it and improved it with green pencil. They then wrote their letter on very special paper with the school logo on and we posted them to Mags. We hope she enjoys reading them.

We have also been learning what a prefix is and writing ‘prefix sums’ e.g. un + kind = unkind.

In maths we have been busy doing division. The children have done lots of practical sharing of sweets, money and other objects. What is 12p shared between 3? They also drew sets to help them solve division problems such as 16 divided by 4 is ?

In RE we have been learning about the Christian creation story. The children worked together as a wonderful team to create, collage and paint different parts of the story. The result was very impressive!

1S and their creation…

1GJ and their creation…

Next week we are doing our individual assessments to help us write their end of year reports. Please make sure that your child has their reading record in their book bag every day.

Have a lovely weekend. The Year 1 Team.


3 responses to “An animaltastic week of learning!”

  1. Hannah/Sammi/Daniel's mum says:

    What great team work! You are all great learners! Well done.

  2. Katie NW's Dad says:

    What an exciting week of learning you have had. I really wish we had done all these exciting things when I was at school.

  3. Katie NW's big brother Tom says:

    Your art work looks brilliant. Well done year 1

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