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Pirate Problems

Wednesday 24th June | 210 comments

The pirates of Year 1 have been busy writing pirate problems. Can you solve them? Could you write a problem for them to solve? Answer if you dare – if you get it wrong they may make you walk the plank!

210 responses to “Pirate Problems”

  1. y1team says:

    Captain Redbeard had 100 peeses of treasure. Captain Bluebeard stole 50 peeses. How much is left? by Pirate Isaac and Pirate Lucas.

  2. y1team says:

    A pirate had 30 jewls and another pirate stoal 10 jewls. How many are left? By Pirate Srihan, Pirate Joel and Pirate Zachary

  3. y1team says:

    A pirate has 14 gold coins and the captin comes along and takes 7 away. How many are left? By Pirate Anju and Pirate Maisy

  4. y1team says:

    A pirate had 40 coins. He gave 10 away. How many are left? By pirate Darcie and pirate Laura

  5. Maisy's mum Gemma says:

    Here is a problem for all you pirates. If Captain Bushy-Beard has 3 parrots on his left shoulder and 8 parrots on his right how many parrots does he have?

  6. Joel's Mum says:

    Year 1, if Pirate Pete has 17 parrots and 8 fly away, how many parrots are left?

  7. y1team says:

    How many fingers does 3 pirates have? by pirate Harry.

  8. y1team says:

    If there is 60 parrots and 9 flew away how many will be left.From Captain Betsy, pirate Zahrah and pirate Maya.

  9. y1team says:

    How many fingers do 3 pirates have? by pirate Harry.

  10. y1team says:

    If pirate Crunch has 109 paretts on his left arm and 7 more on his right arm. How many does he have? By Pirate Kobi

  11. y1team says:

    captain crazy had 94 jewels another captain stole 7.How many does captain crazy have left? By pirate Joseph.

  12. y1team says:

    Captain silly beard had 9 parrots. Captain naughty beard took 3 away. How many are left? By Pirate Max H

  13. y1team says:

    A pirate had 100 coins. He sells 10 coins. How many will he have left? By Pirate Stevie and pirate Elsa

  14. y1team says:

    I have 98 partots .I get 28more. How many do I have? By Pirate Lauren

  15. y1team says:

    Captain Redbelly has 662 coins but Captain Crab steals 380 coins. How many does Redbelly have now? By Pirate Samuel, Pirate George W and Pirate George H

  16. y1team says:

    If I have 5 coins and a pirate took 3 of them. How many do I have left?
    By Pirate Bethany

  17. y1team says:

    The pirate has 40 jewels and Captain Red beard took 6 away . How many are left?
    By Pirate kaydi

  18. y1team says:

    captin izzy had 20 parets .she got 15 more. how many has she got? by Pirate Sarah

  19. Big Bad Bertha says:

    Wow – what a lot of pirate problems! Can you solve this calculation? Fluffy has 22 teeth on his top jaw and 22 teeth on his bottom jaw. How many teeth does he have to clean altogether?

  20. y1team says:

    I have 12 parrots the captain came and tooK 8 away. How many do I have left?
    By Pirate Serena

  21. y1team says:

    The naughty pirate took ten jewell he pinched ten more how many did he have by brooke

  22. Umayr's mum says:

    20 jewels?!

  23. George's C dad says:

    If 8 pirates are on a ship. 3 pirates walk the plank and jump off. Then 2 pirates climb back on the ship. Then 7 Jump of the ship.

    How many pirates are left on the ship?

  24. kate park says:

    Captain scar had 50 Gold coins hidden under his bed. During the night a massive crocodile sneaked in and swallowed 20 of them. How many does he have left ?

  25. y1team says:

    How many hands does 25 pirates have? By pirate Max and pirate Jack

  26. y1team says:

    10 pirates have 8 jewels each. How many jewels do they have all together. By Pirate Tia and Pirate Sally

  27. y1team says:

    There are 9 pirates and they have 10 friends. How many altogether? By Pirate katie

    • pirate Evie pirate ruqyyah says:

      shiver me timbers is the answer.

      pirate ruqayyah had 20 jewels and pirate Evie had 10 how many is there altogether?

    • Katie NW's mum says:

      Now, I think this is a trick question. Do the pirates have ten friends between them or do they have 10 friends each?

      Hmmm…I don’t want to get this wrong and have to walk the plank

      So the answer is either 19 or 90 so I’ll go for……..

  28. y1team says:

    How many fingers do 25 pirates have? By Pirate Yaqoob, Pirate Umayr and Pirate Alfie

  29. y1team says:

    How many fingers do 13 pirates have? By Pirate Charley and Pirate Daisy

  30. y1team says:

    6 pirates have 10 coins, how many coins do they have altogether? By Pirate Gita and Pirate Darja

  31. y1team says:

    There are 10 pirates and 20 gold coins to share. How many do they have each? by pirate Harry

  32. y1team says:

    if there are 5 pirates and 2 walk the plank. How many are left? Pirates Huzaifah and Daniel.

    • Sam's dad says:

      Ooooa arrrr me hearties!

      It’s a bit mean to make those two pirates walk the plank. I hope there are no sharks in the sea.

      I hope the 3 pirates that are left on the boat have more luck.

    • Laura's mum says:

      Is it 3? What happened to the ones that were left?

  33. y1team says:

    There are 11 pirates. 10 pirates have 2 legs and 1 pirate has 1 leg. How many legs are there altogether? By Pirate Pareen and Pirate Saad

  34. Harry Scott's Mum says:

    Pirates Huzaifah and Daniel will there be 3?

  35. y1team says:

    5 pirates have 8 juls. 5 steal 6 juls how many are left? Pirate Lewis and Pirate Joseph

  36. y1team says:

    The pirates have 20 guns. Captain Redbeard took away 10. How many are left? By Pirate Jacob E and Pirate Jacob P

  37. y1team says:

    8 pirates have 16 parrots. How many parrots do they have each? By Pirate Adam, Pirate Owen and Pirate Finn

  38. y1team says:

    A pirate has 12 jules and he shares them between 3 friends. How many each have they got? by Pirate Svana, Pirate Sophie and Pirate Erin

  39. Adele Bowden says:

    Wow i hope you pirates have some treasure left and non of you have had to walk the plank!!

  40. Riya Verma says:

    You are all very clever pirates which means you must have collected a lot of treasure, well done yr1!!

  41. y1team says:

    A big thank you to everyone who has solved our pirate problems. it is time for us to go back on our ship and sail away. From the pirates of Year 1.

  42. George says:

    There are 109 pirates and 90 jumped of the ship.

    How many are there?

  43. pareen says:

    There are 900 pirates and 90 jump of how many are left

  44. pareen says:

    There are 615 coins and caption James stole 115

  45. Gita and Anju says:

    A captain had 45 rats and a pirate took 12 away.How many are there altogether?

  46. pareen says:

    Hello year 1i got a hard one what is 100+200+999

  47. pareen says:

    Helo year 1 can you answer any of my questions

  48. Joel says:

    Do you no what 94 + 23 is?

  49. Karen says:

    Captain crunch has 12 sweets and she shares it with 3 pirates, how many sweets will they get?

    By svana

  50. Maya says:

    The answer Svana is four.

  51. Gita and Anju says:

    A pirate has 31 gold coins and another pirate gave him 12 more. How many are there altogether?

  52. Huzaifah says:

    I had fun today it was pirate day we used maps to find the treasure.

  53. joseph waite says:

    I had a brinnet time on pirate day my favourite part was drawing a pirate.

  54. joseph waite says:

    captain blue beard has 929 gold coins and captain purple beard stole 456 how many does captain blue beard have left

  55. pareen says:

    I love pirate day it’s the best day

  56. Madison says:

    In response to Pirate Alfie’s question ….

    The answer to how many fingers do 25 pirates have, its 250.

  57. pareen says:

    If there is 999 pirate and 16 jumped off and 2 jump on and 90 jump on and 98 jump off how many are left and I got 98 coins and caption red bead stolen 50 how many coins will be left

  58. Kaydis mum says:

    Is it 34

  59. hannahstewart says:

    Captain Pugwash has 26 pirates aboard his pirate ship. He orders 8 to walk the plank for stealing his treasure. How many are left on board the pirate ship?

  60. Harry Scott says:

    Tricky hmm is it 18

  61. Huzaifah says:

    There are 10 pirate 5 jumpt of the ship how many piratets are left.,

  62. Huzaifah says:

    There are 10 pirate 7 jumpt how many are left.

  63. Huzaifah says:

    There are 10 pirate 1 jumpt of the ship how many left

  64. Huzaifah says:

    There are 10 box of jewels 5 pirate took 1 box away how meny jewels are left

  65. Huzaifah says:

    There are 10 pirate 3 jump of the ship how meny are left.

  66. Huzaifah says:

    There are 10 pirate 1 jumps of ship how many are left.

  67. Huzaifah says:

    There are 10 pirate 9 jump of the ship are left

  68. Huzaifah says:

    There are 10 pirates 10 jumped off the ship how many are left on the ship?

  69. y1team says:

    Wow! We now have over 200 comments on this blog post. I think this must be a record for Farsley Farfield. Well done everybody – super blogging!

  70. peterharris says:

    Definitely a record! Some of the comments and questions made me chuckle. Well done Y1!

  71. Huzaifah says:

    There are 100 pirate 1 jumps off the ship how many are left.

  72. George says:

    There are 100 partuts and 99 eat 90 nuts. How many are there?

  73. Huzaifah says:

    There are 100 pirate 100 jump of the ship how many are left.

  74. Joel says:

    Do you know what 5000 x 300 is?

  75. Huzaifah says:

    There are 90689 pirate 6065 jump of the ship how many are left.

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