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Busy as usual until…

Monday 20th July | No comments yet

Year 1 have been very busy. This morning we worked out the missing symbols in maths. What is missing from 17 ? 3 = 20 or 16 ? 4 = 4?  It was quite challenging but by the end of the session the children had found lots of patterns and rules about addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

In literacy the children used ‘because’ to extend sentences. To help us to remember how to spell ‘because’ we used  ‘big elephants can’t always use small exits’ and  ‘big elephants can always understand small elephants’.

After all that hard work it was time for…


Due to the rain we started off with an indoor beach boogie but luckily it brightened up so we could continue outside. We had lots of fun playing water team games and using the parachute. At the end of the day we ate the delicious party food – thank you for sending in donations.

Look at all the fun we had…

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