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Queen Elizabeth, counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s and lots of Literacy!

Friday 6th November | 3 comments

We have begun to learn about Queen Elizabeth in our history lessons. We shared a book all about the Queen’s life and then had fun sorting facts into true and false. Can your child remember any facts about Queen Elizabeth? We then moved onto putting main events of her life onto a timeline.

In literacy we started the week by doing lots of practical alphabet activities including matching jigsaws, threading the alphabet, saying the letters in order and forming capital letters.

We also read the story ‘The princess and the pea’. We discussed the parts of a story – beginning, middle and end and had fun acting it out. The children then wrote the story and all tried hard to remember to use finger spaces, full stops and capital letters.

Click here for a game to help your child learn more about sentence structure.

We have been busy using counting sticks in maths and have been practising counting in 2s, 5s and 10s.

Here are some songs to help your child practise even more. Enjoy!

We have also been estimating and counting numbers of spots on wrapping paper. The children guessed how many spots there were and then used counters and dienes cubes to check that they were correct.

Number bond of the week is 9+1 = 10.

We have been learning about different types of materials in our science lesson. The children worked in their hive groups to create collages using materials such as card, foil, bubble wrap, plastic and wood. They then described their collage using vocabulary such as hard, bendy, bumpy, rough.

The fantastic five challenges this week were –
1. Draw or paint a castle
2. Count in 2s and 5s using socks and gloves
3. Number bond games
4. Alphabet trail around the classroom
5. Re-tell the story ‘The princess and the pea’ – using puppets or write it in a mini book.

Remember that we are learning about the Queen’s Coronation on Monday 9th November. The children need to come to school wearing their party clothes. (Remember they will still be working and playing outside so they need a warm coat and sensible shoes)

As part of our Christmas performance we are asking the children to learn a dance. Can you ‘Do the Strictly?’ Have fun at home practising this dance and thank you for your support.

Have a lovely weekend.
The Year 1 Team

3 responses to “Queen Elizabeth, counting in 2s, 5s, and 10s and lots of Literacy!”

  1. Melissa (Lillie's Mum) says:

    My what a busy week you’ve had! We had a laugh trying to do the ‘Do the strictly!’ Lillie said she loves being in Year 1!

  2. KateHeap says:

    What fantastic Queen pictures – I especially like her hair! Super castle Tom!

    Thank you to the year one teachers for such positive parents evening meetings last week. You deserve a quiet weekend!

  3. Sarah (Erin's Mum) says:

    Erin was really tired by the end of the week and now we know why! She has really enjoyed all the things she has learned this week and we have enjoyed her sharing the information with us. We will look forward to our ‘strictly’ homework!

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