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A ‘real artist’ in Year 1!

Thursday 21st January | 10 comments

What an amazing day we have had in Year 1. Kate Park taught us how to create our unique pieces of glass art work. First the children looked at artwork by the artist Pacita and thought carefully about their designs.  Then carefully, using tweezers, they placed the different types of glass onto their work. Can they remember what all the types looked like? Stringers, frits and confetti. Kate has taken the finished pieces home to fire in her kiln. You can watch this over the weekend on Facebook – Twice Fired. I know the children cannot wait to bring their finished piece home.

For more information look at Kate’s website – www.twicefired.co.uk.

A huge thank you to Kate Park – a brilliant day for some very lucky children.


10 responses to “A ‘real artist’ in Year 1!”

  1. peterharris says:

    This looks brilliant – thanks so much Kate!

    • Kate Park says:

      I had a wonderful day with yr 1 today, thank you for inviting me to work with you today. The first class of glass is in the kiln I will post photos tomorrow. Well done yr 1, thank you for my lovely presents Kate Park

  2. Melissa (Lillie's Mum) says:

    Lillie had a great time today thank you.

  3. Claire, Phoebe's mum says:

    Phoebe had an amazing experience, and has never told me so much about a school day!!
    Thank you

  4. Karen Chaudhari (Nathan's Mum) says:

    Nathan had a great time and we can’t wait to see the finished masterpieces! Thanks Kate for giving all of the children this great opportunity 🙂

  5. Ranny (Arjay's Dad) says:

    Wow, looking forward to seeing the finished product!

  6. Melanie says:

    Sonny really loved this and is excited to show us all his finished piece- thanks Kate!

  7. Sheila Singh (Ashwins mum) says:

    Thank you very much for the creative art work… Ashwin had lots to talk about and enjoyed his day….can’t wait to see the master art pieces…

  8. Lisa (Amba's mum) says:

    Amba had a lovely time, can’t wait to see the finish product.

  9. Sarah (Erin's Mum) says:

    Erin was very enthusiastic about this visit and gave us lots of information. She is loving the art topic and can’t wait for the art show. She has also put her key ring with her most special things. Thanks you for such an excellent, educational insight into the art world.

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