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Shapes, stories and more amazing art!

Friday 29th January | 2 comments

In maths this week we have been using art to inspire our shape work. We looked at work by Wassily Kandinsky and created our own pieces using 2D shapes and black lines. We also created sculptures in the style of Gary Webb using 3D shapes. The children are beginning to name more shapes and use the correct language such as corners, sides, faces and vertices.

We have been busy planning and writing stories in our literary sessions. We read the story ‘The Three Little Pigs’ and then had fun changing it into ‘The Three Little Dinosaurs’. The children used a simple story plan to think about how their story would begin, what would happen in the middle and how it would end. They then wrote their own stories. We were very pleased with how well they all wrote. They used some great adjectives including boiling hot volcano and floppy sticky green leaves. We have also been playing lots of phonic games and reading and sorting real and nonsense words.

In art we have continued to look at the work of Pacita Abad. We have been using paint and mixing our own colours and worked on canvas. We are looking forward to sharing our finished work with you at our gallery on Friday 12th February.

In ICT we have been using ‘Dazzle’ and ‘Purple Mash’ on the laptops to draw and type about dinosaurs. The children are becoming more confident using the laptops and created some super work.

Please can you make sure that your child has their PE kit on their peg every day. Some children haven’t had their kit with them since Christmas.

Remember it is the PTA ‘Beetle Drive’ next Friday at 3.30pm. It should be lots of fun! If you would like to come please let Mrs Walton know ASAP.
Have a super weekend.
The Year 1 Team

2 responses to “Shapes, stories and more amazing art!”

  1. Sheila Singh (Ashwins mum) says:

    We are so pleased that ashwin knows all his 2D and 3D shapes, he has been telling us about the special mention assembly, which he has been chosen this week. Thank you.

  2. Anna says:

    Olivia has thoroughly enjoyed exploring different ways of doing to Art. She loved working with glass and painting on canvas! Its so lovely seeing Olivia with this confidence towards her school work!!
    I’m so excited to see all the brilliant art work year 1 have been creating, for their exhibition on 12th!!

    Olivia has also enjoyed learning about 3D shape, she’s been quizzing us at home about what 3D shapes we know!!
    Thank you

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