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Chicken fun in Year 1!

Friday 11th March | 6 comments

In literacy we have been learning about the difference between a fiction and non-fiction book. We began by sorting a range of books and discussing the features of a non-fiction book. We looked at how to use a contents page, index and glossary. In our guided reading sessions all the groups have read a non-fiction book this week and the children were encouraged to choose an information book from the school library to share with you at home.

We have had some exciting visitors in Year 1 this week. Mr Garlick brought his chickens for a holiday in our outside area.


On Monday morning he talked to all the children about his chickens and they got the chance to stroke them. They then worked with the Year 4 children and wrote and sorted the facts. The children have enjoyed looking after the chickens all week and have learnt lots of facts about them. Did you know a hen has a vent and it is where her eggs come out of? Did you know if the comb is pale and floppy it might mean that the chicken is poorly?

We also visited the school chickens on Thursday and Mr Harris told us lots of interesting facts about them and we will be using all this information to help us write our own non-fiction books. We really enjoyed meeting our school hens. .

In our science lesson we carried out an investigation to find out what the chickens and giant African snails prefer to eat. The children had to predict if they’d like chicken pellets, meal worms, carrots, cucumber, apple or pear. Then they fed them and watched carefully to see which was their favourite food type.

In maths this week we have been learning about multiplication. We began by using coins to count in 2s, 5s and 10s and recorded the calculation e.g. 3 x 2p = 6p. We then moved onto solving sweet shop problems using multiplication – “Buy 6 lollies that cost 10p each” “Buy 5  ice pops that cost 2p each.” Can your child count in 2s, 5s or 10s?

In ICT we have begun to make our ‘chicken movies’ using an app called Puppet Pals on the Ipads. They are enjoying this task and are looking forward to sharing their finished films with you at our ‘Spring chicken’ event on the 1st April.

Have a lovely weekend.

The Year 1 Team

6 responses to “Chicken fun in Year 1!”

  1. Detective Gray, Jasper and Clark says:

    Dear 1S

    We have really enjoyed working with you, you have been super detectives and fantastic writers! Detective Jasper has been working hard to catch the thief who stole our egg and we have finally caught him! He told us that he took the egg because he was feeling lonely and wanted an adventure. He said that they went to the zoo and met some hairy monkeys, a scary lion and a humongous hippo.

    Also guess what!!! The egg finally hatched yesterday and inside was a beautiful multicoloured bird. Can you help us think of a name for her?

    Detective Gray, Detective Jasper and Detective Clark

  2. Kirsty (Charlie's mum) says:

    It was lovely to share the blog with Charlie and see all the lovely chicken pictures. Charlie enjoyed watching the counting songs with us and dancing along! He was really excited to read the message about the egg hatching – his suggestion is Rainbow Sparkle for a name!

  3. Karen Chaudhari (Nathan's Mum) says:

    What great chicken investigations! Nathan was very excited to tell us about their food preferences and all that you’ve been up to this past week.

  4. Sheila Singh (Ashwins mum) says:

    Ashwin had great fun at the farm and meeting the chickens. He has learnt lots of new facts about them… Well done year 1.

  5. Anna says:

    Olivia is really enjoying this topic on Chickens, she comes home telling us the different things she’s learnt about them! Thank you , Olivia never talks about school! !

  6. Amelie says:

    Thank you for coming to watch our spring chicken performance; we had lots of fun making our films. Happy holiday.

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