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Our egg has hatched!!!

Friday 11th March | 20 comments

The children in 1GJ were very excited today as the mystery thief brought their egg back and it cracked open! Our classroom door was open and all that was left was an empty shell and a letter. The children wanted to send a blog message to the creature that lived in the egg. Will it send a reply?

“What type of species are you?”
“If you can’t find your mummy you can come and live with us.”
“What is your name?”
“How did you learn how to write?”
“Where do you live?”
“How happy were you living inside the egg?”

20 responses to “Our egg has hatched!!!”

  1. Delilah the dragon says:

    Thank you for looking after me. Sorry I had to run off so quickly but my mum came to collect me. I am a dragon and I can fly. I have learnt to write as I’ve been peeking out of the egg and watching you write. I live in the hills in a cosy cave with my mummy, daddy and two brothers. I was very happy that you found me and looked after me very well and kept me warm. It would be lovely if you could keep writing to me on the blog.
    Love from Delilah xxx

  2. Tracey (Peter's mum) says:

    Peter says “Have a nice day with your brothers, mummy and daddy.”

    • Delilah the dragon says:

      Hello Peter. Thank you for sending me a message. I’ve had a lovely day in the sunshine playing with my brothers.

  3. Jakob (and his mum) says:

    Are you a fire Breathing Dragon?
    What colour are you?

  4. Anna says:

    Hi Delia
    It’s lovely to read your reply. I wish you could have stayed with us ,but understand you have to be with your family. I have a little sister and lots people say we’re alike, are you like your brothers??? What games do you like to play with your brothers, me and my sister love playing ispy and hide n seek??

    Love from Olivia xx

    • Delilah the dragon says:

      Hello Olivia. I’m sorry I couldn’t stay with you all too . I liked peeking out of my egg and watching you all work and play. I like playing hide and seek too and we also have flying races.

  5. Arthur says:

    Arthur says he’s really enjoyed being with the chickens and has loved learning all about them. His favourite is Caramel because that’s his favourite chocolate MMmmm !

  6. Gabriella says:

    Hello Delilah,
    I have a sister called Emilia, what are your brothers called?

    • Delilah the dragon says:

      My eldest brother is called Donny and he is eleven years old. My other brother is called Dave and he is six years old.

  7. Faran Anwar says:

    How did you hatch, and how did you learn to write. How much fun have you had with your brothers?
    His did your Mum know where to find you

    • Delilah the dragon says:

      Hello Faran. Thank you for sending me a message. It took me a week to crack my egg shell open using my claws. I was very tired. My mummy knew where she’d laid her egg so she came back looking for me and was very worried when I had disappeared! She flew around school and peeked in every window until she found me.

  8. Abigail says:

    Hello Delilah im Abigail me and my brother are friends and we play with the lego together.

  9. Hannah Parsons says:

    To Delila, my name is Hannah. What is your mummy’s and daddy’s name? mine is called June and will .

    • Delilah the dragon says:

      Hello Hannah. I am pleased that you have written to me. My mummy is called Daphne and my daddy is called Dylan. I flew over school last week and saw that you had some chickens visiting you. Was that fun?

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