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Another busy week!

Friday 29th April | 1 comment

In literacy this week we have been focusing on plurals. The children did various tasks and have been looking at the spelling patterns. They matched singular and plural words and sorted them according to their endings s/es/ies.

1GJ also wrote a recount about their visit to the nature reserve, 1S will do this task next week following their visit. (Please see our separate blog post for photographs from 1GJ’s trip). In our handwriting session we practised joining up ai, ee and ng cursively. We have also read in our guided reading groups.

In maths we have been doing missing number calculations. The children used counters to help them work out which number was missing e.g 6 + ? = 13 or ? + 9 = 15.

1S have enjoyed a day of design and technology. They got a letter from the three billy goats gruff who needed their help to build a new bridge. They began by looking at photographs of various bridges and exploring construction kits to build a bridge. They then moved onto building their own bridges using a variety of recycled materials. Finally, they tested and evaluated their bridges. Was their bridge strong? Did it look good but most of all did it keep the goats safe?  1GJ will do this activity next week so please keep sending in cardboard tubes, boxes, yogurt pots etc.

In our science lessons the children have used magnifying glasses to look carefully at plants and labelled parts of them. We also learnt about the life cycle of a bean. They have also started an investigation. They planted runner beans so that we can record where they grow best and what conditions they need to grow. They thought carefully about fair testing.

Enjoy the bank holiday weekend – see you all on Tuesday and remember 1S have their school trip to Rodley Nature Reserve then.
The Year 1 Team

One response to “Another busy week!”

  1. Sam (Charlie's Daddy) says:

    The bridges looked amazing! We have enjoyed finding out about bridges for homework too.

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