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1S at Rodley Nature Reserve

Wednesday 4th May | No comments yet

1S had a really super day yesterday at Rodley Nature reserve and the sun shone for most of the day. In the morning we explored the nature reserve and had fun collecting objects to go on our sticky boards. We also spent time in the various hides looking carefully for wildlife on the lagoons. We were very lucky and spotted a heron, swans, Canadian geese and lots of baby goslings. Can your child tell you what they saw?

In the afternoon we all had a turn at pond dipping. We caught snails, tadpoles, water boatmen, damson fly larvae and even stickleback fish. We were taught how to use binoculars correctly and did some bird spotting – the bright male bullfinches were our favourite birds. We also listened to an interesting talk about the different parts of a plant and learnt about the life cycle of a plant. The children enjoyed being plant detectives and used a magnifying glass to look closely at the different plants. What facts can they remember?

We had a brilliant day out at such a super location and thank you so much to our wonderful parent volunteers – we could not have done it without you.

We are very lucky to have such a unique place on our doorstep, and as Archie stated, it is his new favourite place!  Click here for more information. Maybe it is a place you could visit soon in the sunshine. Enjoy!

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