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Animal Fun in Year One

Monday 16th May | 3 comments

Today Mags from ‘Animals in Tuition‘ brought some amazing animals to school. The children saw a cockerel, tarantula, python, scorpion, tortoise and some rats. The children enjoyed touching the animals and we all watched the scorpion glow in the dark. We learnt lots of animal facts. Can your child tell you about omnivores, herbivores and carnivores? Do they remember the different types of animals such as mammal, reptile or arachnid?

It wasn’t just the children who enjoyed it though…

Thank you Mags – a brilliant day!


3 responses to “Animal Fun in Year One”

  1. Mrs Galbraith says:

    This looks like lots of fun. You were all very brave holding those amazing animals.

  2. Sarah Russell says:

    Oliver loved this experience and told us all about it. We thought he was very brave to hold the snake

  3. Sheila Singh (Ashwins mum) says:

    Ashwin had a great time with the animals…. He loved holding the slippery ssssnake.. He’s told us all about the reptiles, staff are also being so brave…

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