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A great first week back in Year One

Friday 10th June | 2 comments

In maths this week we have had fun with numbers and place value. The children have been looking at numbers and how many hundreds, tens and ones they are made up of – some children were extended using thousands. They used arrow cards and dienes apparatus to make the numbers. They have also been using lots of maths vocabulary including greatest, less than, most, fewest etc. They did lots of sorting and ordering of numbers up to 1000. We also played a ‘show me a number’ game. Maybe you can play this at home?

Show me a number that …

  • is more than 100
  • is less than 100
  • is more than 1000
  • is less that 1000
  • is more than 10
  • is less than 10
  • has 4 units/ones
  • has 7 units/ones
  • has 0 units/ones
  • has 9 units/ones
  • has 3 tens
  • has 2 tens
  • has 0 tens
  • has 8 tens
  • has 5 hundreds
  • has 6 hundreds
  • has 0 hundreds
  • is an odd number
  • is an even number
  • is a mltiple of  2
  • is a multiple of 5
  • is a multiple of 10

We have been busy performing and writing poems in our literacy lessons. We began by reading lots of poems in our hive groups and then chose one to practise and perform to the rest of the class. This was good fun and some children really enjoyed performing!


We then moved onto writing our own group poems about summer. The children thought of some great ideas …

In our grammar lesson we learnt why some words have an apostrophe. The children played a matching game where they had to make pairs such as don’t and do not and I’ll and I will. We have learnt how to join ck, er and ew cursively in our handwriting lesson. We have also been busy playing lots of phonic games. The phonic screening will take place next week. This will be administered by the class teacher and the children won’t know they are doing anything different to normal.

We have started our geography topic ‘Wonderful World’ and began by discussing what geography is. The children then learnt about physical and human features and sorted different photographs.

The children are enjoying our new role play areas. They are having fun being teachers and pupils in our ‘mini classroom.’

Year 1 are all going to Blackhill Woods on Wednesday 15th June. The children can come to school in non-uniform, ideally leggings or tracksuit bottoms. Please can you ensure that your child is wearing appropriate footwear and a waterproof coat or a sun hat and sun cream depending on the weather! We will be outside all day. The children need a rucksack or bag so that they can carry their own lunch. We are thinking about recycling so please can you try and reduce the packaging that is used for their lunch.

Have a great weekend.
The Year 1 Team

2 responses to “A great first week back in Year One”

  1. Kirsty (Charlie's mummy) says:

    Wow lot’s of learning, it sounds as if you have been working really hard and having fun at the same time! I really enjoyed Charlie’s dance moves for his poem which he showed me at home!

  2. Carolyn (Florrie's mummy) says:

    What an exciting first week – loved hearing the poems!

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