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Adjective crazy in Year One!

Friday 24th June | 1 comment

What an exciting week in Year 1, we had a visit from a pirate who helped us with our literacy work! Please see previous post. The children have been busy using lots of adjectives, nouns and verbs to describe settings and pirates. They used some brilliant language.

In maths we have been practising our addition and subtraction skills using number lines. Some children moved onto using a blank number line and a 100 square to work out the answers to each calculation.

We have been looking at aerial  maps in our geography lessons. In their hive groups the children worked together to label an aerial photograph of our school and it’s grounds. Then they went on a treasure hunt to find some clues around school and used an aerial photograph to help. 1S will be doing this activity next week.

In science we continued being plant detectives. This week we visited the school farm and looked carefully at everything that was growing. Can your child remember the names of any of the plants they found?

1S were lucky enough to experience Mrs Purfield’s nature walk in the Conservation Area. They experienced a very interactive story and walk, with a fun ending. Can your child tell you any other details about this story adventure?

Remember it is our pirate day on Monday 27th June. Your child needs to come to school dressed as a pirate. Please don’t buy special outfits – a stripy T-shirt and a pair of jeans will be fine.

Have a lovely weekend.
The Year 1 Team

One response to “Adjective crazy in Year One!”

  1. Kirsty (Charlie's mum) says:

    What amazing learning and experiences, Charlie has talked me through the blog and it sounds as if you enjoyed a visit from Big Bad Bertha! Charlie told us the story of Mrs Purfield’s walk and who was hiding in the cave, he remembered all the sounds you used including swishy swashy! The treasure hunt sounds exciting and Pirate Day – can I come?

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