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A Brilliant Pirate Day in Year One today…

Monday 27th June | 6 comments

Wow! Today has been so much fun and we have all been fantastic pirates too. Just take a look at this motley crew…

Ahoy me hearties! We have all experienced lots of different activities today and sailed our pirate ships really successfully across the seven seas. I think there will be some very tired children and teachers tonight! Well done to everyone for really getting involved. This is just a snapshot of some of the learning that has taken place.

We made fantastic treasure maps, which included a key to show lots of interesting landmarks.

We used our design and technology skills to build amazing pirate ships. We can’t wait to set off on our voyage!

We read and followed clues that led us all over the school grounds and eventually found some treasure.

Year 6 found some treasure on our school farm too but it was even better than our treasure!


We spent some time at Big Bad Bertha’s pirate school learning pirate skills, sea shanties and having a pirate feast.

Some children even got to walk the plank!

With a little help from Good Girl Pirate Pearl, Big Bad Bertha changed her bossy ways and became Brilliant Bertha. We are looking forward to working as a team tomorrow to write a recount about our pirate adventures!

A super day but who can tell me what is a pirate’s favourite subject at school?


6 responses to “A Brilliant Pirate Day in Year One today…”

  1. Mrs Galbraith says:

    This looks like great fun. What an exciting day in Year 1. I’m looking forward to reading your recounts.

  2. Preets (Ethan's Dad) says:

    Wow, sounds like there was a lot of fun had yesterday. The pirate costumes looked awesome! A nice bit of gold treasure too. Year 1 better look after it, that gold could be worth even more in a few years time, keep it safe from other pirates!

  3. Sheila Singh (Ashwins mum) says:

    Wow! What great pirates year 1….everyone is having fun. Lots of exciting learning happening. Ashwin had so much fun. He loved walking the plank.

  4. sarah Russell (Oliver's Mum) says:

    Wow! Looks like everyone had a fabulous time. Oliver loved telling us all about the pirate activities.

  5. Anna says:

    Olivia really enjoyed Pirate day, she was so excited to tell us that Good girl Pirate Pearl knew she couldn’t have dairy !!!! Olivia enjoyed telling us all about the different pirate activities and how Big bad Bertha became Brilliant Bertha! Thank you.

  6. Joven says:

    I enjoyed pirate day and my favourite part was the treasure hunt!!!!!

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