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A book about Nothing, reading buddies, time lines and maths!

Friday 23rd September | 2 comments

In literacy we have been reading the story ‘Nothing’ by Mick Inkpen. He is a little bear who gets left in attic and doesn’t know his name or who his family is. It’s a lovely book and the children enjoyed listening to it. They then drew a picture of their family and tried hard to label it. They also wrote about their own special toy using simple sentences.

In history we looked at their baby photographs and talked about how they had changed. They thought about what they needed when they were a baby and what they need now. They had fun cutting and sticking using catalogues. We also introduced the concept of a time line. Using cubes to represent each year we placed different aged people on a time line. They had fun trying to guess how many cubes the teachers would need!!

In maths the children have been reading and writing numbers to ten in numerals and words.

We have also been doing lots of practical tasks where the children have had to apply lots of quick number knowledge to answer questions like these true or false statements: the bear is four bricks high – TRUE or FALSE; there are 9 stars – TRUE or FALSE; there are 7 beads on the string – TRUE or FALSE.

We have also been learning lots of new mathematical language such as more than, equals to, less than, fewer than, greater than. Some children found this tricky. Could you practise using this language at home? Can your child tell you a number greater than 7? Can your child tell you a number less than 12? Can they tell you an odd number or an even number?

Please click here and follow this link for more information about maths at home and supporting your child with maths. There are a range of games here to help support your child’s learning.

This morning 1S met their new reading buddies from 5B and 1GJ met their new reading buddies from 6CH.  All the children enjoyed spending time reading together and getting to know their new buddies. They are all really looking forward to seeing each other again soon.

1GJ and their buddies…

1S and their new buddies..

It was lovely to see lots of parents and children at the meet the teacher session on Wednesday.

Thank you to everyone who has returned their Denso Nature Reserve reply slip.

Have a lovely weekend.
The Year 1 Team

A few more snaps of children settling in well to Year One…

2 responses to “A book about Nothing, reading buddies, time lines and maths!”

  1. Danielle (Ayla's Mum) says:

    Wow Year 1. You have been so busy!!! Well done 🙂

  2. Zoe Webb (Jack Shann's mum) says:

    It’s was a pleasure to come into school on Wednesday and Jack took great pleasure in showing me all the work he has already completed. He’s really coming on in leaps and bounds and loving Yr1.

    This blog is a fantastic way to see what exactly the children have been up to so you can talk to them about their day/week.

    Thank you

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