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Vegetables, fruit and more timelines…

Friday 30th September | No comments yet

In literacy we read the story Oliver’s vegetables. Click here for an online version. We used this book to help us write our own vegetable poems. We began by tasting lots of vegetables and then used adjectives to describe them. Can your child remember what an adjective is? Can your child remember what a noun is? These songs may help. The noun song and the adjective song.

The children thought of some great adjectives including crunchy carrots, ruby red, ripe rhubarb and squishy, small, soft peas. Can you spot any alliteration? We then wrote poems in small groups. Hopefully, we will perform some of our class poem at Harvest assembly.

In maths we have introduced the children to number lines. The children had to work out missing number problems by counting on or back. They are getting more familiar with the terms more, less, greater than, the most, the least, fewer than, the same as and equals, but could still do with some practise. This is an example of some of the practical questions we have been asking the children: Using 10 counters, show me the most counters you can. Show me the least counters you can. Show me more than 7 counters. 
 Point to the number 9 on the number line. Using counters, show me the amount that equals 8.  Count on from 3 to 7; say each number as you count on. Tell me what is one more than this number. Tell me what is three less than this number. We are also still working on matching numerals to words. Lots of vocabulary to learn!

In our history lesson we continued to learn about the past and timelines. We looked more closely at the  timelines of the children’s lives and what they have experienced. Can they remember some significant events?

We have been plant detectives in our science lessons and visited our school farm. We picked a variety of fruit and vegetables and discussed how they grow. We also used the tweezers and magnifying glasses to look very carefully inside them to see if they had seeds. Can your child remember the main difference between fruit and vegetables?

The children also used their artistic skills to draw different vegetables.

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Remember we are making soup on Monday 3rd October – everyone is welcome to come and enjoy it from 2.30pm in the dining hall.

Please make sure your child has wellies in school from Monday. Thank you.

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