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Instruction writing, counting in 2s and tree hunting!

Friday 7th October | 2 comments

We have been learning about writing instructions in our literacy lessons this week. We thought about how we had made our soup and wrote our own set of instructions using bossy verbs, such as wash, chop and peel.  Can your child remember the correct instructions to make our delicious soup? The children also enjoyed making ‘rhyming soup’ where they had to match pairs of words that rhymed.


In our handwriting lesson we continued to practise letters from the curly letter family. The children are all enjoying their guided reading sessions and are keen to read within their groups. Remember that your child can change their home reading books before and after school.

In our science lesson we looked carefully at leaves and seeds.  Thank you to everyone who has collected some great leaves and seeds. The children used an identification sheet to find out what trees some of the leaves had come from. Can they remember any of the tree names? We also looked in detail at and labelled  some trees around our school.

In maths we have been learning how to count in twos. We have also tried to understand what makes a number odd or even. Can your child remember?  The children have enjoyed lots of practical activities such as counting pairs of socks and cubes. Later in the week the children were then challenged with word problems where they had to count in twos to work out the answers. Here are some examples: There are 2 flowers in each pot. How many flowers would there be in 8 pots? There are 14 socks. How many pairs will they make? Sam has 13 sweets. He eats 2. How many does he have left?

These are some super songs the children all know and love.

This is a link to some fun maths games to keep the spirit of maths alive at home.

Please remember to send your child to school with a pair of wellies. Thank you.

Have a great weekend.

The Year One Team.


2 responses to “Instruction writing, counting in 2s and tree hunting!”

  1. Danielle (Ayla's Mum) says:

    Ayla has enjoyed these videos!!! As ever year 1 are very busy bees… well done everybody.

  2. Amber Hendy says:

    Matilda explained the counting-in-twos lesson to me and we watched one of the videos. great idea.

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